Konig is an ancient city home to generations of human royalty. The Cross family leads the human nation and has done so since the many kings came together centuries ago to defeat the Orcs in the first Great War. The Cross sigil is that of two silver longswords crossed in the middle on a purple background. The house words are, “Justice, Strength, Honor”.

Built on an archipelago that reaches from Alfa, Konig has an ancient bridge to connect the human capital to the rest of Ostegard and to the west stands a great wall separating the city from the Orc homeland. The wall, known as [[Fallon's Gate]] was built after the second Great War by the chief engineer of Ostegard, Merry Fallon.

Konig has been a critical trade city and political hub for thousands of years being situated in the middle of the continent on the Roald Sea. A river separates the city both geographically and economically, with the palace and nobility living on the eastern side, and an immense slum on the western front. Further west stands [[Fallon’s Gate]] which is guarded day and night against the threats that lie beyond. A great road begins from Konig calls the [[King’s Road]] that spreads to the other cities in the Kingdom.

One member of each of the great families represents his city’s interests in Konig and the king is advised by this collection of confidants. Recently, the King has become more conservative, requiring Half-orcs to check in with an overseeing officer every week. After his recent coup of the gnomish homeland, some of his advisors have voiced concern with his rule. 


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