"We Orcs loathe weakness. Puny Elves and Humans call us savages, but that comes from fear, and fear is the greatest weakness of all."                 - Katta Nomek, Chief of Tyren

Orcs are often mistakenly considered unintelligent by the rest of Terra. While they do have traditions and a culture that may seem barbaric and brutish to other races, they are far from simple beings.

Orcs have a complex tribal society that only awards leadership to their strongest and bravest. The nine clans of Alfa determine governance through a melee in which all members may compete for the title of Clan Chief. Every five years the Clan Chiefs may participate in a Chief's melee to determine the High Chief of Alfa who resides in Reus, their holy city, and governs the surrounding territory, making decisions that affect the clans as a whole. 

Individual clan culture is formed by the respected local beasts of a corresponding territory. The Durso clan honors the bear, the Tyren clan honors the bull, the Tibur clan honors the shark, the Eber clan honors the boar, the Valas clan honors the whale, the Orn clan honors the griffon, the Bolen clan honors the bison, the Loof clan honors the wolf, and the Fusk clan honors the spider. These animal paragons influence all aspects of clan culture from fashion to politics to trade. 

Many Orcs believe they are superior to other races and that they are destined to rule the continent, historically bringing them into conflict over the centuries. Although often rash and aggressive, many Orcs are capable of levelheadedness and pragmatism. 

Orc Traits

Ability Score Increase

Strength +1, Constitution +1


Orcs mature fast, reaching adulthood by 14. They rarely live into their 70's


Orcs tend toward the chaotic, believing that strength should dictate outcomes. Many also fall towards the evil end of the spectrum based on their brutal culture, but many Orc's can be kind and generous, especially towards their own kind. 


Orcs often stand well over 6" with the largest reaching 7". Their size is Medium. 


Base walking speed is 30 feet


Orcs speak, read, and write Orcish and can speak some Common. Orcish is grating and harsh. It has no letter system of its own but borrows from the Dwarvish script.


Orcs typically follow the deity Bane, a one-eyed colossus God of War who they believe created them for combat. Through Bane they cite their manifest destiny to conquer all of Terra 


Orcs have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. They can see in dim light within 60 feet as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. But they can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.


Orc lust for combat allows them to negate 1d4+level points of damage the first time they are hit during combat 


As a bonus action, an Orc can move up to their speed toward an enemy of that they can see or hear. But they must end this move closer to the enemy than started.


Orcs are proficient with Intimidation checks

Powerful Build

Orcs count as a size one higher when determining carrying capacity, as well as lift, drag, or pushing weight


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