"Orcs loathe weakness. Puny Elves and Human call us savages, but that is their fear, and fear is the greatest weakness of all."                 - Katta La'Nomek, Chief of Loof

Orcs are mistakenly considered unintelligent primitives by the rest of Terra. While they do have traditions and a culture that may seem barbaric and brutish to other races, they are far from simple beings. Orcs have a complex tribal society that awards leadership to their strongest and bravest. Many Orcs believe they are superior to other races and that they are destined to rule their continent. They have historically attempted to expand their borders at every opportunity, bringing them into conflict with the other races of Terra and hurting their reputation with other beings. Although typically rash and aggressive, many Orcs are capable of levelheadedness and logical pragmatism. 

Orc's powerful builds predispose them to classes requiring Strength but they may succeed with any class except Wizard, Battlemage, and Paladin

Stat Changes: Strength +1, Constitution +1

Skills: Orcs are proficient in Intimidation

Age: Orcs mature fast, reaching adulthood by 14. They rarely live past 70 years

Size: Orcs often stand well over 6" with the largest reaching 7". Their size is Medium. 

Speed: Base walking speed is 30 feet

Languages: Orcs speak, read, and write Orcish and can speak some Common. Orcish is grating and harsh. It has no letter system of its own but borrows from the Dwarvish script.

Religion: The Orc follow the deity Bane, a one-eyed colossus God of War who they believe created them for combat. Through Bane they cite their destiny to conquer all of Terra 

Special: Orc bloodrage allows them to negate 3 points of damage the first time they are hit during combat 


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