"Some think us weak, comical, not serious. They think we do not fight with them because we are afraid. But we do not fight with them because they are weak, comical, not serious. They play their war games, kill their people and make widows and orphans. Then we arrive, clean the scraps and sell it back for double the price. They choose to make war, we choose to make profit."                                                            – Benishar Therras, Merchant of Fortune

Khajit are a mysterious and exotic people who tend to remain reclusive in their southwest nation of Khalifa. Historically very few races came into contact with the Khajit, however, over the years they have become more curious about the outside world and are now common sights in the ports and merchant districts of large cities across Terra. Often peddling 'rare and exquisite' artifacts, Khajit are charismatic and persuasive traders who utilize the mystique of their people to sell snake oil and then leave before the truth is discovered. This has led to a distrust amongst some races and Khalifa's infamous foreign policy of neutrality has not helped. Khajit are a playful race of tricksters who enjoy puzzles and riddles and take pride in outwitting anyone they come across. 

Khajit are well-suited to every class except Paladin as their mischievous ways conflict with lawful good alignments

Stat Changes: Charisma +1, Dexterity +1

Skills: Khajit are proficient in Acrobatics

Age: Khajit mature early, reaching adulthood around 15 but live long lives, some reaching 120 years

Size: Khajit vary in size and can grow anywhere from 4" to 6" in height. Their size is Medium. 

Speed: Base walking speed is 35 feet

Languages: Khajit speak, read, and write Common and Ta’agra. Ta’agra is a native Khajiti tongue that can only be spoken by those with a Khajit anatomy as other races do not have an adequate voice box, but it can be written and read in script form

Religion: Khajit follow three primary avatars: Lokita, the Goddess of Trickery, Zahira, the Goddess of Shadows, and Erathi, the Goddess of Love. Most Khajit pray to all three.

Special: All Khajit have darkvision and have advantage on climbing or jumping


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