"We have to be great, there isn't enough time to waste."                       - Minoc Brinegar, founder of the Bard College in Reyne, Ostegard.

Impossible to generalize, Humans make up the entire of spectrum of good, evil and everything in between. One common thread is the drive to achieve as much as they can in their relatively short lifespans.

Perhaps they feel an innate need to prove themselves to the other races who are often stronger, wiser, or live longer. However, Humans are a balanced and adaptable race and are able to find a solution to almost every problem. Whatever drives them, Humans are often the innovators, the achievers, and the pioneers of the world. 

Their home kingdom of Ostegard has enjoyed nearly a century of peace where they have had major gains economically and culturally, becoming a major world leader. The capital of Konig is a thriving metropolis where every race can be found. 

Human Traits

Ability Score Increase 

Two ability scores of choice increase by 1 or one score increases by 2


Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and live under a century


Humans tend towards no particular alignment. The best and worst can be found among them.


Humans vary in height and build, from barely 5" to well over 6". Their size is Medium.


Base walking speed is 30 feet


Humans can speak, read, and write Common and one extra language of choice


Most Humans believe in The Seven Faced God, a deity who has aspects represented by seven different avatars of virtue. The Father for justice, The Mother for mercy, The Warrior for courage, The Maiden for innocence, The Smith for strength, The Crone for wisdom, and The Stranger for death.  Different Humans will pray to different faces of the god, but most follow the same faith.

Human Variance 

Humans gain proficiency in two skills of their choice


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