"Sure, I miss the rolling hills of me home village, the smell of freshly cooked barley cake and potato stew; a blazing fire and the sound of me ma's fiddle. But there's nothing like standing atop a mountain, bare naked, pissing off the edge. The simple things in life change when life does, I enjoy them all the same."                          – Harley Stoutfoot, Nebel Mountain trail guide

Hobbits are a charmingly simple and underestimated people who strive for the comforts of a warm home with some peace and quiet. For most, a hot meal, a packed pipe, a strong drink, and good conversation is heaven. Those who leave their small farming villages for adventure are considered bold and queer for leaving the safety of their nests. But Hobbits should not be underestimated, they are wise, affable companions and fierce allies. Their long-standing, if unequal, relationship with Humans leads to opportunities and they can fit in with any group throughout Terra. Although half the size of most races, they stand as proud and tall as any. 

Hobbits can succeed with any race except Shaman which goes against their cultural norms. 

Stat Changes: Dexterity +2, choice of Intellect or Wisdom +1, Strength -1

Skills: Hobbit size makes them proficient at Stealth

Age: Hobbits reach maturity around 20 and live from 150-200 years

Size: Most Hobbits stand just under 4" with some growing near 5". Their size is Small. 

Speed: Base walking speed is 25 feet

Languages: Hobbits can speak, read, and write Common and Halfling. Halfling isn’t secret, but Hobbits are loath to share it with others so it is not well used outside of their communities. They write very little other than folk stories and children's tales and have a strong oral tradition amongst villages. 

Religion: Hobbits long ago had their own deities. However years of assimilation with the Humans has led the majority to follow the Seven-Faced God, with most preferring The Smith for His work ethic.

Special: Hobbits are nimble and can move through a space occupied by a larger creature. They are soulbound at childhood to a small animal that will stay with them for life. 



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