"A man with no home must make it wherever he finds himself. In one world I use my strength to survive, in the other, I use my head. The longer I live, the more the worlds seem to blur."                                             - Thorrick Sikkel, mercenary

Half-orcs live dual lives and have to earn every inch of respect from both sides of their heritage. Their Orcish instincts make them aggressive and rash, but their Human side gives them greater control. Unlike Half-elves however, Half-orcs receive greater support from their non-human side. Because Orcs value strength above all else, Half-orcs have been able to prove themselves in Orc culture and have risen to the rank of Chief in some tribes in Alfa. A unique race, Half-orcs receive benefits from their special heritage and claim to be the best of both worlds. 

Like their Human ancestors, Half-orcs are adaptable and flexible and can succeed with any class

Stat Changes: Strength +1, Ability of choice +1

Skills: Half-orcs are proficient in Intimidation and one skill of choice

Age: Half-orcs mature faster than Humans, and are full grown by their mid-teens. They live longer than Orcs but rarely past 80

Size: Half-orcs tend to stand over 6" to nearly 7". Their size is Medium. 

Speed: Base walking speed is 30 feet. 

Language: Half-orcs can speak, read, and write Common, and Orcish. Orcish is grating and harsh. It has no letter system of it own but borrows from the Dwarvish script.

Religion: Half-orcs may follow The Seven or Bane depending on upbringing. 

Special: Half-orcs receive a diluted bloodrage from their Orc ancestors and shrug off 2 damage point after the first hit of combat. 


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