"My culture abhors futility. To become an unproductive member of the tribe is a great shame. If one becomes too frail and weak to contribute, they must leave and fend for themselves in the wild. For a Goliath to succumb to the land is a much greater honour than dying in bed. My father was expelled last month. His memory will be enshrined in the lore of our tribe and honour his memory for all time."                                                                                                   - Hodo Steadyhand, Chief of Wuntun

Goliath are a strong, independent people who prefer quiet and privacy and are not innately aggressive despite their intimidating appearance. Goliath are born with unique markings all over their body which are read by a Shaman to determine their fate. This reading dictates their path and life's work within the tribe. Goliath were not a global player until the most recent Great War where they were enlisted by the Humans and Dwarves to join in the fight against the Orc and Dragonborn. The Goliath army turned the tide and led to victory. Since then they have been growing as a society and expanding into the rest of Terra. As part of the alliance, the Goliath received the best Dwarven masons and Human architects to build a new city on their continent of Gol. This newly crowned capital of Kassel has become an international hub and the Goliath have become more confident to explore Terra and learn more about its races. Most Goliath extoll the virtues of fair play and respect for elders and remain grounded despite their newfound global popularity. 

Goliath size predisposes them to Strength based classes but they will succeed in any class except Necromancer which they find to be distasteful. 

Stat Changes: Strength +2

Skills: Goliath are proficient in Athletics

Age: Goliath mature fast, reaching adulthood around 12 and live to around 60. 

Size: Most Goliath stand at least 7" with many growing over 8". Their size is Large. 

Speed: Base walking speed is 30 feet

Languages: Goliath speak, read, and write Common and Giant. Giant is a deep, throaty language that had no written alphabet a century ago. With the aid of the Dwarven script and their strong oral traditions, the Giant language has begun to be translated phonetically. 

Religion: The Goliath pray to Torm, a great mountain spirit in the heart of Gol that they believe birthed the Goliath in the beginning. Torm values tradition, loyalty, and truth. 

Special: Goliath have the constitution of their mountain god and can shrug off 1d6 damage once per day. 


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