Dragons in Dungeons

Session 1
Escapades in Gulltown

Five adventurers found themselves in 'The Morning Glory' Pub in Gulltown:

- Machiolo, the Gnomish Wizard, an expat and former advisor to the Elvish King

- Lonia, the Gnomish Cleric, an Athiest with a persistent god 

- Priscilla, the Khajit Rogue, a spy and maneating kleptomaniac 

- Keith, the Half-Orc Barbarian, a reluctant conduit to his god, banished from his home

- Ted, the Elvish Ranger, an apathetic enlisted man, recently gone AWOL

Before finishing their drinks the pub cleared out, with the patrons entering a curtained room behind the bar. Once inside, the group discovered an emergency town meeting run by the bartender, local Selectman, Taylor Dozy. He introduced an issue with their beloved Lord Mason Crosby and his deadly illness. The problem went further than the disease, as the Lord's son Otis, is a petulant and cruel child, set to take over when his father dies. The town was concerned with the repercussions of this succession as Otis was not fit to lead them. However, the head priest, Father Elmo had a plan - reopen the investigation into the disappearance of the Lord's eldest child, Charlotte Crosby, who has been missing for nearly five years. They planned to hire a private investigator the next before the group decided to volunteer for the position. After some negotiating, they received an upfront payment of 450 gold, with a promise of more if they find Charlotte. 

The group immediately questioned Father Elmo, Selectman Dozy, and the newly crowned Captain of the guards – Luke Jacobs. They discovered that Charlotte was an avid reader and had a mysterious library built by an Elven architect as a birthday present. The group decided to investigate the Lord's manor right away. He was hosting a feast the next night, so there were workers on the grounds. Machiollo faked a permit and the group pretended to be performers to get past the guards. The front door was being guarded by Seven, a Warforged who acted as Lord Crosby's personal bodyguard. So the group went round back where a large man, the chef was peeling potatoes. Keith intimidated him into allowing them to pass, on the condition that they would not eat any of the food being prepared for the next night's feast. Immediately Ted got caught stealing some chicken and was thrown out, the took the opportunity to help Chef Harvey peel potatoes. 

Inside the manor, the group split again, Priscilla took stairs into the basement and attempted to climb the stories through the sewage pipe that connected to the house water closets. Meanwhile, the others found their way to the library where they found a mysterious, magical mirror. Keith became impatient and decided to take the stairs where he ran into Seven, who demanded proof he was who he said he was. They returned to the town to hear from Selectman Dozy. Machiolo and Lonia finally realized that the magic caused their own reflections to stop them from passing through. They extinguished the candle and moved through the mirror where they found a ladder that connected to Charlotte's room on the second floor. Meanwhile, Ted made friend with Chef Harvey who told him that Captain Jacobs used to do rounds on the manor. He decided he needed to continue investigating and decided to climb the lattice on the rear wall. The windows on the second floor were locked but he made his way to the roof where he found a small room by the entrance filled with mutilated rat corpses and doll faces. Priscilla could not manage to climb the shit pipe and decided to wash off and just take the stairs. She met up with a newly vindicated Keith and they walked up the stairs, meeting with Ted. They investigated the rooms, finding rope and knives in Otis' room and the last of the belongings of the late Lady Evelyn Crosby.

The group finally met up in Charlottes room where they investigated the dusty crime scene. They discovered scratches on the floor in front of the dresser and realized it swung out from the wall. Behind it, they found a cutout in the wall with four objects: a silver ring with an emerald that had a magical feel, a drawn likeness of Charlotte, a book 'Ancient Myths and Legends' with a large section ripped out, and a letter – written in code. After some code breaking, the group realized that the letter was a love letter from a suitor who requested Charlotte visit him in guards barracks room four on the night she disappeared. 

The group decided to question the former Captain who had retired to a cabin an hour north. After travelling up the river they found the old man fishing. Ivan Virgo had retired from a life in the city guard with only one regret – not solving the mystery of Charlotte's disappearance. He informed the group that Luke was an orphan and him and Charlotte were very close but her father did not approve. He stated he believed Luke resided in cabin four, but could not be sure. After cooking dinner, Lonia decided to seduce the former captain and while the rest of the group left again for Gulltown, she remained behind to show him the business. 

Back in Gulltown, the group (sans Lonia) ran into Captain Luke Jacobs who invited them to share a drink. They tried to question him in a tricky manner but when Ted blurt out Charlotte's name, he became uncomfortable. Machiollo used 'Read Minds' and with some persuasion, Luke told them the truth, he loved Charlotte but she became obsessed with an ancient legend that he didn't understand. She knew she had to investigate it but that her father would not let her father leave after her mother died. So, she left in the middle of the night for Tenzin to study at their mage college and look through their library. The group had their first lead and they intended to follow up as soon as possible. 

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